School Based Health Center

School Based Health Center
Benjamin Banneker Academy

77 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
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The School Based Health Center (SBHC) is dedicated to improving the physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being of the students of Benjamin Banneker Academy by providing quality comprehensive primary healthcare and support services.

Who We Are

The SBHC is a satellite of Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. and is responsible for providing age appropriate primary health care, support services and social and health education to the students of Benjamin Banneker Academy at 77 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Services are available to all of the students (9-12 grades), at no out of pocket expense to them or their families. If the student is covered by insurance efforts are made to bill for rendered services.

The SBHC is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team which include a supervising board certified Nurse Practitioner, Medical Assistant/ Registrar/ Receptionist, Social Worker, and Dentist (Spring 2015).

Students receive services on-site during regular school hours Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Specialty care, some follow-up and emergency care are available at Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc., 650 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York 11217, where student's families are invited and encouraged to come for their primary health care and support services.

Any student presenting for services will be seen. The SBHC will not turn away any student because of insurance status, health status, or because a student has an existing primary care provider (PCP). Every effort will be made to coordinate care with the existing PCP with appropriate follow-up.

SBHC Programs

Youth Medical Board

The role of the Youth Medical Board (YMB) is to properly represent the needs and opinions of the youth with regard to their healthcare career goals while they are attending Benjamin Banneker Academy. The YMB will be educated on health, hygiene and lifestyle issues that directly or indirectly relate to them and their community. The YMB will be charged with educating their peers on securing their overall health and well-being.

Trainings will be held to assist the YMB as well.

HIV/AIDS 101 - After completing this course students will be able to:

•Summarize STD/HIV trends locally and nationally
•Describe common STDs and their symptoms
•Describe the relationship between HIV and other STDs
•Describe which behaviors are high-risk for STD and HIV transmission
•Provide clear and simple risk-reduction messages about STDs to young adults
•Learn how to appropriately respond to sexuality questions asked by youth

Peer to Peer Counseling – After completing this course, students will:

•Feel empowered by their knowledge about helping others and the information they will receive about seeking help.
•Students will learn some of the theory behind peer counseling, as well as different forms of counseling.
•Students will be able to discuss the role of a peer counselor, as well as understand the limitations of a peer counselor.
•Successfully spread awareness and counseling to their peers
•Speak to their peers about health and health awareness

Career Building/Medical Professions – After completing this seminar:

•Students will have a better knowledge of different careers that are in the Medical Profession
•Know tips and strategies for resume building, college applications and personal statements.
•Be able to map out their educational/career goals.
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