The Department of Pediatrics provides a full range of services for young patients, including emergency medical services. We offer Pediatric Specialty Services in the following areas:
  • Hematology/Oncology

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Cardiology

  • Ambulatory Care

  • Inpatient Care

The Strength of Expertise and the Power of Love

At Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. we bring the same extraordinary dedication, skill and expertise of our adult care to your children.

But when a child is sick or injured, it's not enough for a hospital to have the most qualified doctors and advanced technologies. It's not enough to just have caring nurses and kind doctors in a kid-friendly, non-threatening environment.

You need to have it all.

Everything and everyone need to work together flawlessly, with one goal in mind: healing kids as quickly and happily as possible.

We have expertise that ranges from pediatric general surgery to neurosurgery, from cardiology to neonatology, and from oncology to medical genetics. Not only are our doctors trained in their pediatric medicine specialty, they also have extensive experience providing care from conception up to age 18. 

Because Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. offers such comprehensive pediatric services, patients and their parents can receive a full array of care and attention in one convenient location. Our Ahmanson Pediatric Center provides hospital care tailored to the needs of children and their families. An array of more than 20 pediatric specialties and support services are available to meet children's healthcare needs both in the hospital and at home.

We treat the entire family with care.

We answer everyone's questions, listening and helping to make the recommended treatment clear and understandable. And referring doctors become an integral part of this "family" as well. The primary care doctor is in charge while the patient is in the hospital, or is kept in consultation through constant updates and communication.

Your child means everything to you. And to us as well.

We encourage you to get the very best care for your child. That means choosing a medical center that can provide you with the latest technology and the most advanced ways of treating and preventing disease - all in a caring, nurturing environment.

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