The Nutritional Department at Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, Inc. (BPMC) aims to provide sound, current, science –based Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for our clientele, their families and communities.

There is much information about diets and nutrition in the news and on the internet. The public can often be left confused and mislead. The BPMC Nutrition Department is headed by our registered dietitian (RD), an individual who has fulfilled the academic requirements of at least a bachelor's degree, who is also a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). RDs are considered experts in nutrition, equipped to provide a reliable service that allows individuals to apply the best practices.

It is new? Is it true? Who should I trust for the truth?

Where to go for the real answers? How do I assess what I just heard on the news!

The BMPC Nutrition Department offers individual nutritional screens and counseling that can empower the client to be in more control of the process in attaining their nutritional goals. Life style changes can be challenging; but the right changes can save your life and even lead to an improved quality of life.

Every life story is unique in some way, gaining the right knowledge puts you in control of your nutritional health; so whether you want to lose weight, prevent type-2 diabetes, lower your cholesterol, or simply eat better; you’re best chance is to consult the expert sources, which can help put you on the path of reducing and or managing chronic health conditions.

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